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Posted on 2011.08.07 at 00:51
HI!!! anyone here? if so, i have a tumblr.. actually 2. one is for my music projects (which i barely update) and the other is just normal blog crap

normal: http://www.leirza.tumblr.com
other: http://www.shannonbrowning.tumblr.com



Posted on 2011.04.27 at 17:15
new blog. im officially leaving livejournal after 10 years. you can find my blog here from now on.


edit: just kidding i deleted that too

Posted on 2011.04.15 at 02:53
btw basti is gone for 3.5 weeks on tour in russia. lame.. and i am alone, so ill probably be posting more often. at least i can take craps with the bathroom door open again

When Harry Met Sally 2 with Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren from Billy Crystal

Posted on 2011.04.15 at 02:48
i know the things i do want and the things i dont want. the challenge is figuring out a way to make all of these puzzle pieces fit together, to create an acceptable result, within a decent time frame (before i die)

Posted on 2011.04.06 at 16:41
i just wanted to repost that im selling some vintage stuff and 10% of each sale gets donated to a japanese relief fund so tell your friend$







sunday morning

Posted on 2011.04.03 at 12:50
basti never stops ruling at life, today i woke up to him making a surprise breakfast on our balcony

first breakfast on our balcony

"tomato heart"

Posted on 2011.04.03 at 02:35
no jacket, blue sky, first long bike ride of the year to some palaces outside of berlin

sna sna
Posted on 2011.03.23 at 16:22
over christmas i found a box of old fo-toes, you can click on this link to see the upload http://www.flickr.com/photos/nilbog2021/

its too many to post on this blog. but heres a preview

me and mom, 5th grade trip to washington dc

can you guess which one is me?
junior prom, 2000

2006 visiting orlando

me hayley jolie

coming home after the marching band homecoming game like a real badass

i really liked the beatles in 1997

Posted on 2011.03.23 at 15:38
finally have a few seconds to post some pickies. these are from when we were at my uncles hotel when he was visiting. living large in a marriott executive suite

berlin high life

kissy kissy


and heres a couple from last weekend walking around the new hood a little now that the weater is finally warming up and we aren't overloaded with renovating shit at the flat
taking a stroll in our new hood

"hang around'


Posted on 2011.03.22 at 21:15
selling some vintage stuff!!!!!! buy it or tell your friends! 10% of every sale will get donated to ShelterBox for Japanese aid


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